France Délices distributes their products all over Canada and the US. In Canada, they are offered by many retail airline and railway companies, food chains, hotels, restaurants and pastry shops.

The Quali Desserts trademark is for the distribution of their deluxe products in big food chains such as Provigo, Metro and IGA.


Food services

France Délices offers their high quality products to many food services in the airline/railway transport, hotel and restaurant sectors. With their modern installations and employees’ expertise, the company always conceives a product that respects the client’s needs. His flexible and fast delivery system ensures a continued and reliable procurement.



Canadians consumers can find France Délices‘ products in many pastry shops and food chains. Wherever they are, they are always sure to benefit a high quality products.


Food chains

In 1993, the Quali Desserts trademark was founded to respond at the supply needs of big food chains’ cakes and pastries. Since that day, Provigo, Metro and IGA can count on the Quali Desserts‘ excellent team for offering the best cakes and pastries to their clients.