Hearts & Chocolate; The Perfect Match

Discover our romantic delicacies made with love



Vanilla-Raspberry Heart 6”

Mini Vanilla-Raspberry Hearts

Almond cookie, raspberry filling and vanilla cream cheese, covered with red icing and white chocolate interlaced heart pattern, carefully handcrafted. 








Choco-Cherry Duo

Brownies, dark chocolate Bavarian cream, cherry mousse and crunchy centre, covered with a chocolate ganache or a cherry glaze and decorated with a piece of chocolate.








Triple Chocolate Heart 6”

Mini Triple Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate sponge cake covered with three layers of dark, white and milk chocolate Bavarian cream, decorated with dark chocolate ganache chocolate pieces.

*Already packed!







Chocolate Mousse Slab Cake

Chocolate sponge cake covered with smooth dark chocolate mousse, decorated with a chocolate heart pattern ganache.


Cut ~ Cut Options : 24, 30, 35, 40 or 80 pieces





Limited Edition